Summer 2014 Drawing class at SAIC 

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le me teaching at benito juarez highschool Chicago, IL

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i love the brush strokes too much to leave it too long after all. 

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paintings of the chicago beach (bottom -small canvas board - sold) 

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work in process from before the sale

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One of my recent works, and also one of those pieces that I sold today ); I hope it’s going to a good place.

More of this series is to come! Working on them this week too!

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art sale 2014 spring! Please ask me any questions through my email! :)

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transition into fabric collage - 2014 spring

I’m back in Judith’s class!

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Exemplar #1

The lesson is about knowing where you are in a society, based on Orozco’s Art 21 video.

Each student in the class creates themselves and 2-4 important people in their lives. Typically as young students important people to them maybe people surrounding them, such as their parents.

In the exemplar I created me and my family.

Then they connect these people with a piece of yarn to show the connection, since they’re a part of a group (in this case group called family).

In the end every student will connect to other students in the class to show that they’re part of the society called “class” too. Each student would have their own circle of themselves and important people then also be in the larger circle that includes everyone in the class.

I thought this work would be interesting to work with kids since kids would not only enjoy creating people they know and themselves, but also understand their place in society as a student and a different role to people important to them (in my case family).

I’m hoping to target 5th to 8th graded with this project since it’s very simple and that age group would understand the connection of the yarn as a symbolistic link between themselves and different people.

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painting crit 2013 fall with Dan Gustin

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My prints were satisfying and apparently very pleasing to my viewers too!

In this time’s art sale I sold off 3 of the 6 that i made the night before and more.

I just feel blessed to be given an opportunity to show my work and be appreciated by the viewers/customers so much. As I was always surrounded by amazing artists and critiques it was amazing to hear all these compliments and different favorites selected by the actual customers.

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thank you everyone for stopping by! :)

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Variation piece

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